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The Square Memory Book (NEW!)

$ 29.00

These little gems are just the right size to make your collection of LittleHoots memories shine. At 6X6 inches they fit one-hoot-per-page just perfectly! They feature a lovely hard cover with a velvety soft finish.

How do I select the memories I want printed? Simply purchase the book and I'll export all your memories. Then, I'll send you a link to access them so you can select which hoots you'd like printed. Or, perhaps, you'd like them all printed. That's even easier! I'll be in touch very shortly after you place your order. Hoot-hoot-hooray!

Each book includes 50 pages (which equals 50 memories since we print one-hoot-per-page). Need more pages? No problem. Add additional pages for 50 cents per page. First, place your base order, then, I'll let you know how many hoots are in your account. You can select which ones you'd like in the book... we'll do the math ... and then I'll simply send you an additional invoice for the extra pages.

Don't worry, I'll be here to personally oversee each order and work with you individually to make sure you get the hoots, title and cover just like you want it! Book ordering has never been easier.

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