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Accordion Books (set of 3)

$ 45.00

You guys, this is the easiest book you'll ever order because I create it for you! We will pull all the images from your account and send you a dropbox link so you can make your selects. Or you can email them to me if that's easier for you.

I can fit between 12 images in this little guy! If you have any questions, please call Lacey direct at 816.812.2055

US Shipping Only

(Not a book about a musical instrument) Three. 3. You receive THREE BOOKS with every order! The size is right—this little guy folds out to display 12 of your favorite little hoots. One for you—the others for family, friends and your local barista. A really swell size at 3 X 3 inches with STRONG magnets to hold him together, this  small but mighty soldier is anxious for you to admire his velvety soft finished cover.

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