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About Us

The LittleHoots App for iPhone

If you’ve got children in your life—no doubt you have heard some remarkable words come out of those innocent little mouths. The wisdom, wonder and laugh-out-loud wit with which these little ones perceive their world is priceless. What’s not so great is scrambling to find a way to keep track of and save these gems so that years [days!] later you can look back and smile…or tear up. Fast, fun and easy, LittleHoots enables you capture and style on-the-go. Download now.

  • Capture—the best quotes, conversations and photos.
  • Style—on-the-go or save for later, choosing from many attractive design packs available in the app. Voila! You’ve just created a Memory TileTM !!! Easy-peasy.
  • Share—show and tell on your favorite social media platform—or keep it close to home and heart. Your choice.
  • Keep—Yep, the LittleHoots Platform enables you safely keep these memories for a lifetime.
  • Create—turn those memories into everything from books to magnets inside the LittleHoots Keepsake Store.
  • Privacy—We will not share anything you create on our app without your permission. Your content belongs to you. We promise.

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